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Setup Face Verification

From the Web:

1. Go to Settings > Timeclock App Settings.

2. Under Verification > Face Verification tab, toggle the Enable face verification to turn it on.

3. Verification Type must be set to “Scan face points to verify identity online”.

4. If verification type is set to “Take employee photo and attach to time record”, the device captures only the employee photo without verifying if the identity is correct.

Note: Any changes made on the website settings, you must go to you tablet/mobile time clock app home screen, click the overflow button at the top right of the screen beside the notification bell icon and click Refresh Data so all your settings changes will reflect on the device.

From Mobile:

1. At the home screen page of your timeclock app, click the overflow menu at the top left side.

2. Select Verify Identity > Face Verification.

3. Make sure that the Enable face is verification is enabled and the Verification type is set to Scan face points to verify identity online.

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