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Enable GPS

To enable the GPS in your device:

1. Open your device’s Settings app.

2. Tap Security & location > Location.

3. Turn on Location Services.

4. When the GPS is on, the tracking of employee’s location during clock-in/clock-out is automatically enabled.

To limit the distance your employee is allowed to Clock-in/Clock-out:

1. Login to your company’s Witty site.

2. Go to Employee > Employee List menu.

3. Select the employee.

4. Click Edit Profile.

5. On the General Info tab, check the “Employee must clock-in/out within the area” option.

6. On the GPS Location tab, add all location that the employee is allowed to clock in/out.

7. Click the Plus button on the upper-right of the screen.

8. Fill out the form and click Save.

To setup the area/branch clock-in/clockout distance:

1. Go to Settings > Company Settings

2. Go to Area/Branch tab

3. Select the Area and Click the Edit button under the Action column.

4. Input the latitude and longitude of the location.

5. Edit the Allowed Distance (meters). The recommended distance is 50 meters.

6. To disable limit, put 0 as the value. The employee location is still recorded but without limit.

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