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Add Schedule with Work Day Type

1. Go to Settings > Human Resource Settings > Day Type tab.

2. Add a Work Day Type.

3. Set day type as required if it’s a normal working day for an employee.

4. Set the category as regular if it’s a normal working day, set to special if it’s a special day such as holiday, rest day, Sunday, etc (Day types set to special will be shown under Special section in Timesheet report)

If you are using a schedule template and schedule types:

1.Add the schedule template under Settings > Human Resource Settings > Schedule Template tab

2. Input all schedules for each schedule type such as Early Clock-in Schedule, Regular Schedule, and Overtime Schedule

3. From Sunday to Saturday, select the Work Day type in each day. Disabled checkbox in Working day is considered as required to work day, and will create a schedule for that day. Enabled checkbox means you have an option to check (create a schedule) or uncheck it (no schedule or rest day)

4. Click Save button

To add the schedule of employee:

1. Go to HR > Work Schedule Management

2. Click Manage Schedule button and select what group or employee to apply schedule

3. Select the date range

4. Select the schedule template (optional)

5. Check those days you want to add schedule

6. Click Remove selected if you want to delete the schedules on checked days

7. Click Replace selected if you want to replace the existing schedules on checked days

8. Click Add selected to add new schedules on checked days

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