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Setting up Leave Types

1. Login to your company’s Witty site

2. Go to Settings > Human Resource Settings

3. Go to Leave Type tab

4. Locate the Add button and start filling in the form fields such as Leave Code and Leave Name, and toggle Paid Leave options.

5. Allow hourly leave request – employee can use this leave to file an hourly leave

6. Allow negative leave credit – This leave can still be used even if the remaining count is less than 0

7. Payable – If the employee used this leave to cover his absence, the work hours for that day will be his schedule, else, his Net hours is 0

8. Is Attachment Mandatory – requires an employee to attach proofs (supporting documents) of his absence (especially with Sick Leaves)

9. Convertible to Cash – identifies that a certain leave can be converted to cash if it is not used

6. Click the Save button

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